Getting There: the
resorts and local places
Located in Mexico at the northeast tip of the
Yucatan Peninsula are Cancun and Playa
del Carmen.  From the Midwest of the United
States and Central Canada, fly due south.
Starting in 2015 the Cancun time zone in
winter is the same as Eastern.

Just over 3 hours nonstop from Washington

Fly to
Cancun International Airport
Xel Ha (pronounce shell ha)
Xcaret (pronounce eesh-ka-ray)
Cancun at the NE tip of the Peninsula is
20mn from the airport and 45mn north of
Playa del Carmen, both resorts are right
on the Caribbean
Links of Interest
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Golf, El Camaleón Golf Club
Mayakoba, 2 miles north of Haciendas
Google Earth, GPS locations
Royal Sands, bus access map